Freelance IT Engineer


... a skilled Freelance IT Engineer with a broad oriented professional experience with Linux, Apple, Windows and VMware (ESX) Operating Systems and Services. My most favourite challenge is combining Linux, Apple and Windows as one platform.

I'm comfortable with Microsoft 365 solutions such as Azure, Modern Workplace and Office 365. Scripting in Bash, PHP and PowerShell are obviously part of my skills.
Further I have adequate experience with configuring DNS, DHCP, LDAP, AD, GPO, (my)SQL, Networking (HP, Cisco, Allied Telesis), Firewalling (pfSense, iptables, Cisco ASA, Juniper), etc.
As a person I am known to be autodidact, efficient, accurate, proactive, analytic, innovative, punctual, flexible and fun to work with.
Some call me 'The 4th line engineer who will make things work in your technical environment'.
Available for Engineering, Consulting, Project Management and Systems Administration on Linux, Apple and Windows.


A simple 'Hello' could lead to a million things!