Freelance SysOps for Linux, Apple and Windows. Freelance SysOps for Linux, Apple and Windows.


I am a passionate ICT-Professional since 1996 (currently 21 years, 11 months).
I have a very broad professional experience with Linux (Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu), Apple MacOS, Windows and VMware Operating Systems and Services. Also scripting in Bash, PHP, VBS and PowerShell are part of my skills. Further I have lots of experience with webservers (Apache, nginx, IIS), DNS, DHCP, LDAP/AD, GPO, (my)SQL, Data-encryption, Firewalling (Cisco ASA, pfSense, iptables), IoT (Raspberry Pi) and many more.

As a person I am known to be an autodidact, efficient, accurate, proactive, analytic, innovative, punctual and flexible.
I'm comfortable to work in a team and individually as well. I have done many projects as an engineer and as a project manager.
Currently I'm exploring Ansible and Docker in my spare time using VirtualBox as a development environment.

See my LinkedIn profile for work history, skills and recommendations.


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